An IPAD is what Alek wished for, and we provided it to her.

Angelos- This New Yorker loves the moon and space. His idol is Buzz Aldrin and we got him some items from the second man to walk on the moon.

Brayden wished to go to DisneyWorld for a week, and he did!!!!

Brianna's dream was for her to meet Miley Cyrus! And she did!

Danielle got to meet her favorite Detroit Lions football players! She watched them during their practice and hung out on the sidelines during the pregame! We are very excited we were able to get Danielle and her family tickets to the Detroit Lions game, and a brand new MacBook Pro!

Destanee' wished for a shopping spree... and JGCAF was happy to make this come true.

Elsa's dream was for the newest, largest screen size, apple laptop computer, an ipod touch, and itunes cards. And that is what she got!!!!!!!! Click Here to watch a video of Elsa.

Ivan wished for a new musical equipment for his band. And we were happy to grant this dream for him. Click Here to watch a video of Ivan.

Jennifer wished for a new Toshiba laptop computer, internet service and a new trundle bed. And the Foundation was able to provide all of this. Click Here to watch a video of Jennifer.

Another dream that Jgcaf granted!!!!!

Joanne wished for a computer, a Wii and to go on her first shopping spree. Joanne and her four bothers and sisters received this plus a new TV and one year of internet service. Click Here to watch a video of Joanne.

Jordan wanted to spend the day at the American Girl Doll Store....And she did!!!!

Louis wished for an ipad and an Apple laptop and that is what he got.

Sylvia wished for a shopping spree and we provided this wish for her!!!

Our first Dream in Hawaii!


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